We woke to the thickest fog I’d seen in months.. our uber driver navigated us to the airport with extreme caution. Our flight was delayed. But they put us on another one to San Francisco and from there we would make our flight to Tokyo and onward to Jakarta. The fog, however, had other plans for us. My travel partner began getting upset. Three hours into the trip and we already had this much trouble. It’s going to be a long two months.

When our flight finally got us to San Francisco we had 10 hours to kill before boarding began on our next flight to Singapore. We took the Bart to civic center and walked through China Town. I wanted to see the bridge but we simply didn’t have enough time. Try as I might and perhaps it was my utter lack of desire to visit San Fran, I was not impressed by the urine soaked streets and beautifully crafted building. I couldn’t wait to be back on the Bart and more over back on the plane headed to our final destination.

Now if you believe it our flight out of SF was also delayed, so much so that I feel asleep in my seat before the flight attendants reminded me how to get to emergency exits and before the plane took off. It was about 11pm pst and I was still in California. When I woke somewhere over the Pacific, I realized I’d slept about half the flight. Not bad. But I had another 9 hours before touchdown and the plane was completely dark. This is when my good friend boredom kicked in and still exhausted mentally from everything thus far.. Blackout.

I went on and on like this waking up, completely groggy getting some water and crashing asleep. this pattern played out like this for the rest of this flight. The leap we took from Singapore to Jakarta and even from Jakarta to Bali. I’ve had enough planes to last a lifetime but I know I’ll have to do it all over again in a few short but very long months.


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