As an African American with natural hair, water and I, just don’t get along. But sometimes, while traveling you are gifted an opportunity.. an opportunity so beautiful you have no choice but to jump in. Over the last week I’ve had quite a few opportunities to “jump” ..if you will.

Tegenungan Waterfall. Big. Beautiful. Full of tourists. Granted I did go on the first weekend following about 5 days of rain. My travel partner and his business partner were the first to jump in the current. After about 5 minutes he came to grab me from the only shady place I could find and invited me into the water.. I was reluctant at first but once I got in the falls I didn’t ever want to get out.

Volcano Batur Hot Springs. Let me tell you, it was a journey to get here. My travel partner, aka the only person that can drive the scooter, was sick and kept having to stop to blow his nose. It only took about 3 wrong turns, constant directions from locals and over 2 hours to get there… but boy was it worth it. There were four pools one of which, the biggest one, was slightly cooler than the others but still warm and just as amazing for the skin. With our admission (150,ooo IDR) we got towels, lockers, welcome drinks and snacks. My sick travel partner took a nap after some snacks and I did some laps and relaxed with the locals. We met a couple from the UK who told us how they feel about Brexit and we shared how we feel about our commander in chief. Around 3:30 pm we had to call it a day so we’d make it back down the mountain/volcano long before it got dark. Rough roads and no lights don’t mix..

Finn’s Beach Club. Now this little dime was in Canggu. Our driver for the day, Andre, took us here after we renewed our visas in town. With my travel partner, his business partner and his business partner’s wife in tow, we ate drank and were merry. The venue was perfect, square lounges big enough to fit 6 people, a pool with swim up bar, and the beach started 5 ft from where the pool ends. I met some rad chicks from Australia who liked my accent or lack there of.. and had this location been in the US, I easily would have spent the equivalent of $200 USD but instead I spent $50 and trust me.. I got a lot for my money.

Each location offered a different kind of experience and I am truly grateful for them all. I can’t wait for my next adventure but for now at least I’m glad I took the plunge.. even if my hair is as thankful.


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